I am a multilingual visual journalist based in Saint Louis, MO, and Mumbai, India. I have photographed in various parts of North America, South America, Asia, and Europe.

For assignments, collaboration, consultations, and prints, contact :               

Cell Phone: USA +1. 978.390.4408 | Google Phone: +1 802 448 2216 

Email: neeta@neetasatam.com

On The Road To:

Columbia, MO - 2 hrs

Jefferson City, MO - 2hrs
Springfield, MO - 3 hr
Springfield IL - 2.5 hrs
Chicago, IL - 4 hrs

Southern Illinois - 2 hrs

Iowa City, IA - 4hrs
Kansas City, MO - 4 hrs
Memphis, TN - 4 hrs
Nashville, TN - 5 hrs

Indianapolis, IN - 4 hrs
Cincinnati, OH - 5.5 hrs

Current Location: St. Louis, MO

Upcoming Travels

March: Washington D.C

April: Boise, ID and Boston, MA 

May: Bend, OR and Seattle, WA
September: Mumbai, India

Neeta Satam Photography

Neeta Satam is a Saint Louis and Mumbai, India based photographer specializing in editorial, documentary and commercial photography.
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