In March 2018, the Everyday Everywhere Re-Picture blog published my essay on colonialism in photography as a part of their five-part article series on ethics in photojournalism. The piece was read over 8000 people and was circulated as a reading assignment in ethics to photojournalism students at the Missouri School of Journalism, City University of New York, Mid-Sweden University, Medill School of Journalism and by the University of Georgia.

Following the publication of the piece, I received numerous queries from photographers requesting photography reading recommendations. Numerous photographers from India and developing countries began requesting portfolio feedback and career development advice.

Realizing that photographers from the developing world had limited access to information on photojournalism education and industry opportunities, I launched the "Dispatch" blog. The effort is aimed at providing support to emerging photographers from the developing world.

The resource provides information such as reading, podcast recommendations, grant opportunities, and Safety training information.

I also provide free consultation of on project research & execution, portfolio editing, website publishing, pitching and grant writing to photographers working on long-term projects.

Following are the links to the resources for professional development

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