On Photography - Susan Sontag

Regarding the Pain of Others - Susan Sontag

Orientalism - Edward Said

The Power of Photography: How Photographs Changed Our Lives - Vicki Goldberg

Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography -Roland Barthes

Articles & Essays

Picturesque Poverty: Contemporary Photography’s Ugly Game
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Talking Ethics in Photography
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Why We Need More Visual Journalists and Editors of Color.
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 The moment I knew I wasn’t going to be a conflict photographer.
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How Should Legacy Media Confront Their Racist Past?
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From “Headmen” To “Hitmen”–A People Brutalised Yet Again
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How to not photograph Nigerian women… again
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Negotiating Consent in Development Contexts
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Who gets to picture and narrate Africa?
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If photography is limitless, why doesn’t it represent everyone?
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I Asked 3 Other Women of Color How It Feels to Work in Media
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I Am The Nameless African From Your Last Instagram Post
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The Ambiguity of Pressing the Shutter – Ethics in Photojournalism
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Disaster Ruins Everything
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Time magazine’s cover isn’t bold or brave. It’s exploitative.
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Against Consuming Images of the Brutalized, Dead, and Dying
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We are still here: Photography as Colonization
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As Alessio Mamo, World Press Photo face backlash, focus should be on ridding photography of colonial gaze
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Contrast VR’s Zahra Rasool: Advocating for Diversity in Media Through Immersive Storytelling
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Photography is changing. We need to pay more attention to how images are being produced. @brightthemag and @evdayprojects brought together four photographers and journalists to talk about #InclusivePhotography.
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The ethics of seeing
Neeta Satam discusses combating colonialism and sensationalism in photographing “the other” to bring equitable discourse to photojournalism.